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Every Earnings Call In One App

We make listening to earnings calls as easy as listening to podcasts



Podcast-Like Experience

Enjoy a familiar user experience that takes inspiration from some of our favorite podcast and music apps.

Create Watchlist

Watchlists allow you to have the companies you care about at your fingertips at a moment's notice.

Live Listening

Have the webcast links available for all earnings calls happening at any given time.

Set Custom Notifications

Ever fear that you'll miss an earnings call? Set notifications to alert you when a new call is available.

Download Calls

Download and listen to earnings calls on the go without having to use cellular data.

Save Time

Stop wasting time going through investor relations websites. Get all your calls on one easy platform, and listen at your preferred playback speed.

Earnings Calls API

Access our database of tens of thousands of earnings calls, updated hourly. Learn more about the Borsa Earnings Call API.

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